Wednesday, November 4, 2009

The Day After

When do you decide to give up on your dreams? 



Anonymous said...

I will Never give up on my dreams. I do have a friend that love to race cars however, he was from the south and he was black. My friend spent a lot of time just watching the cars go round and round only to try and copy the driver that night drag racing in the street. Well he got his opportunity one day when he was just hangn at the track not going mention the drives name but he took him under his wing they both got called a few names and he was even harassed in his neighborhood. The young man quit racing and became a lawyer to this day he defend the needed and helpless. The man was my father he was embarrassed by his decision because I was watching I really understood my father is a really bright man but at time I was his number one. So he quit but it was for me. I was searching for a friend on the web when I came across your song. I was able to download the track ONE WISH I love that song. I sent it to my father who has put on every device he has ONE WISH he loves it you make awesome music. I tried to come back to download the rest of the song but I was not able to. I would like to buy a CD but the widget tell me it's still under construction.

Please email me directions on how I can buy you CD

Anonymous said...

That some real music, I just DL your CD off iTunes! My dude SHUG I remember the SPOT. The music is really on point I will be @ LIV on the 11th my dude keep that shit going

U knw hw I go

An Anonymous Fan!

Ayana said...

Big CUZ, How can I get a copy of the CD. Good LUCK, Keep God first and have Fun Your time is near.